Displaying Draw Attention images in any post or page (or page builder) with a shortcode

First, get started by creating a Draw Attention image. We have a complete video walkthrough of the entire process, or you can follow our text tutorials starting with Adding an Image.

Step 1: Copy the shortcode

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When you’re viewing the list of all your Draw Attention images, you’ll see a column that lists the shortcode for each image. You can copy the shortcode here.


Step 2: Copy the shortcode

Another place to find the shortcode

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Alternatively, when you’re editing a Draw Attention image, you’ll find a Copy Shortcode box at the bottom of the right column. You can copy the shortcode.

Step 3: Paste the shortcode

Now that you’ve got your shortcode, you can paste it into any page or post to display your Draw Attention image.

If you’re using a page builder, you can usually paste the shortcode into a text editor widget to display it in a module or column.