Duplicating (or cloning) a Draw Attention image

Draw Attention doesn’t have a built-in feature to duplicate interactive images, but you could easily do this with the Duplicate Post plugin. Duplicate Post allows you to duplicate an entire post and all of its metadata.

This can be useful when you want the same Draw Attention settings but a different image and/or more info areas. You can even use this to have variations of the same image with hotspots in the same locations. If the image is the exact same pixel dimensions then the areas will all show up in the same place.

Step 1: Install and activate Duplicate Post

Enable it for Draw Attention

Draw Attention - duplicate post
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You can install Duplicate Post right from your WP dashboard. After you install and activate it, visit Settings > Duplicate Post and enable the post duplication capabilities for Draw Attention. Save your changes.

Step 2: Clone your interactive image

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Once Duplicate Post is installed and activated and enabled for Draw Attention, when you’re looking at your list of Draw Attention images (Draw Attention > All Images), you’ll see a new option when you hover your mouse over an image. Click the Clone link.

Step 3: Update and publish

Open the newly cloned image and make any updates or changes you’d like to make. Note that when you clone an existing image, the new image is created in Draft mode. To make it possible to display the image on your site with the shortcode, you’ll need to be sure to click the blue Publish button to change the status from Draft to Published.