Unable to add more hotspots to an image

Sometimes your hosting company’s server settings can limit the number of Hotspots that work properly with Draw Attention. You’ll know if this is an issue if your DA image works fine up until you add X number of hotspots. After a certain amount hotspots may disappear, or show up in the wrong spot.

This is a server issue which is a limitation of your hosting company’s PHP configuration. PHP has a setting for max_input_vars which is likely set to 1000 on your server if you’re having issues. Basically this controls how much data your PHP configuration will read when a page is submitted. Anything beyond that is cut off. Unfortunately there is nothing in our code that can read this data, because it never reaches WordPress at all – it gets truncated before the page even starts to load.

We are looking into a long term solution to this, but for now the quickest solution would be to contact your hosting company and ask:

“Can you please increase the PHP max_input_vars to 5000 for my installation? I have an application that is failing because the limit is set too low. If not 5,000 please set it as high as possible.”

They should be able to accommodate this request. Here are some possible ways to fix this yourself, though we recommend contacting your hosting provider if you don’t have server admin experience:


If you have access to php.ini, add the following to that file:
max_input_vars = 5000  (try 3,000 if this doesn’t work)


If the above doesn’t work, it’s possible that a server program called Suhosin is causing the problem. You can ask your host to change this also, or you can add the following settings to your php.ini: = 5000
suhosin.request.max_vars = 5000