Draw Attention Demos

A look at the interactive images in action

Layout Demos

Draw Attention comes with six different layouts to display the hotspot content. Look through the variety of image map designs to help you envision your next interactive image!

Illustration of a plate containing a variety of cheese and almonds.

A Cheese Plate

Layout: Lightbox

Illustration of a two-bedroom floor plan.

Floor Plan

Layout: Lightbox

Illustration of the different districts in Paris.


Layout: Left

Illustration of the different types of clouds.


Layout: Left

Illustration of a lineup containing cocktails.

Classic Cocktails

Layout: Right

An illustration of a city street lined with houses and apartments.

A City Street

Layout: Bottom

Illustration of moustaches in different shapes and sizes.


Layout: Tooltip

Illustration of a chart with fruits on the x-axis and numbers up to 20 on the y-axis.

Charts & Graphs

Layout: Tooltip

Multiple Image Maps

Layout: Right, Tooltip, Bottom

Website Demos

Draw Attention can be used along with a variety of different plugins, see how they intermingle in our demo websites.

Simply Schedule Appointments & Elementor

Schedule viewings for select condos using Draw Attention and Simply Schedule Appointments.

Layout: Lightbox

Simply Schedule Appointments

Schedule meetings for different members in an agency using Draw Attention and Simply Schedule Appointments.

And, give the user the option to conveniently switch the image maps languages using WPML.

Layout: Lightbox

Remote Life - A Draw Attention Project

This was a project the Draw Attention team put together at the height of COVID-19. We wanted to showcase everyone’s new work-from-home setups in a fun and interactive way.

Layout: Tooltip

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Illustration of an arrow and the phrase, "It's worth a try".

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