Drawing a hotspot

Step 1: Add an image

And a title!

Get started by adding an image. If you need more help figuring out how to get a new image started, please see our video walkthrough of creating your first image.

* Be sure to save after adding your image

Step 2: Draw a hotspot

Click to draw

Click to enlarge

In the Hotspots section, open or add a new Clickable Area. Click anywhere on your image to draw a shape.

Step 3: Adjust your hotspot

  • Clicking on the image will draw a point.
  • Control + click on a point to remove it OR just right-click to remove it
  • Click + drag on a point to move it to a new position
  • Click the white handle in the middle of the shape to move it to a new position on the image
  • Click on the line between any two existing points to add a new point between them

Step 4: Add more information

Fill in the title, description, and detail image you’d like to associate with that hotspot.

If you’ll be linking your hotspot to a URL, you can just fill in the title, select ‘Go to URL’ from the action selection, and then add your URL. There is no need to add a description or detail image.