Linking directly to a hotspot

Step 1: Get the link address

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In Draw Attention 1.8.4 (free) or greater or Draw Attention Pro 1.9.4 or greater:

Right-click on an image hotspot while logged in as an administrator. Copy the path that displays.

For Draw Attention 1.8.3 (free) or before or Draw Attention Pro 1.9.3 or before:

While viewing your Draw Attention interactive image, right-click on the hotspot and select Copy link addressCopy link, or Copy Link Location from the contextual menu that appears.

Step 2: Link to the hotspot

This link can now be used to open this page with the selected hotspot already highlighted. As an example, this link will display our Arrondissements of Paris demo with the 1st Arrondissement already highlighted and the associated info showing in the More info area.