Error message: You need to define some clickable areas for your image

If you see this error message: “You need to define some clickable areas for your image.” then you’ve probably uploaded an image without drawing on it.

To make your first clickable area:

  1. Expand the first item in “Hotspot Areas” section
  2. Click to draw your shape (you can move points after you’ve clicked them or control-click them to delete them if you make a mistake)
  3. Give your area a name
  4. Click the blue Publish/Update button in the upper-right
  5. View your image on the frontend of your site to see how it looks.


If you have defined clickable areas for your image but are still seeing this error message, please check that:

  • The very first area has a shape drawn. Sometimes it’s easy to skip the first area and to draw on the other areas.
  • Your image is saved and is in Publish status
  • Your image isn’t set to Private