Hotspots out of place or incorrectly sized

If the hotspots are showing correctly placed and sized in the admin drawing tool, but then out of place when  you’re viewing your image, please check the following.

Using Responsive Image Maps plugin

Please check your list of active plugins to see if you have the Responsive Image Maps plugin installed and activated. If so, we regretfully recommend deactivating this plugin. It has been abandoned and not updated since 2014. Additionally, it is written in a way that it conflicts with Draw Attention because it attempts to take over any image map on the page, which interferes with our plugin’s ability to correctly resize and place hotspots. We’ve requested the plugin author update the plugin to remove this conflict (we cannot do it from within our plugin), but have not yet gotten a response.

Using a 4K monitor while drawing hotspots

If you are lucky enough to own a 4K monitor, there may be an issue with the hotspots appearing at the wrong size and place when viewing the site while they appear just fine when you’re editing on that monitor. We’re looking into a fix for this issue and will release that as soon as we’ve identified what’s causing it.

Using an SVG image

If you’ve uploaded an SVG image on which to draw your hotspots, they may appear out of place, particularly on iOS devices. We do not currently support drawing hotspots on SVG images as the SVG image format is not supported by WordPress core. Please convert your image to png, jpg, or gif and the hotspots should appear correctly placed and sized.

If none of these possible causes explains this issue on your site, please get in touch with our support and we’ll gladly work with you to identify the issue and get it corrected for you.