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At the basic level, you’ll be able to create an interactive image and draw your hotspots, displaying it all in a left layout. However, depending on what features you toggle on or enable, you can certainly customize it beyond that. Let’s dive into what Draw Attention has to offer.

Features in All Editions (Free and Pro)

Unlimited Clickable Areas

In all editions, Free and Pro, there are no limits to how many clickable areas you can create. You can create as many hotspots as you want, so long as you have saved or published your image first.

Highlight Styles

The Highlight Styling feature allows you to customize the hotspot’s highlight and border to your liking in all editions of Draw Attention. This includes the color, opacity, and border width.

Highlight Styling Section in Draw Attention that allows you to customize the Highlight and Border of the hotspot.

Image Background Color

A background image color can be applied to the interactive image in any edition to give it a little spice.

Image Background color can be applied in the General settings.

More Info Style

The General Settings provided in all editions of Draw Attention will allow you to modify the appearance of the text and background that is displayed in the More Info area.

General Settings depicting the Title Color, Text Color, and More Info background color that can be modified.

Default More Info

The default text that appears in the More Info box when no hotspot is selected can also be modified in the General Settings in the Free and Pro editions.

Default More Info area in General Settings as one of its many features.

Importing and Exporting Code

The ability to import and export interactive images is also available in all editions of Draw Attention.

Import and Export feature in Draw Attention.

Features in the Pro Edition

Ability to Create More Than One Interactive Image

Available in the Pro Edition only.

You can create as many interactive images as you want, when you want, to your heart’s content.

Displaying several interactive images created as an example of Draw Attention's features.

Twenty Preset Color Schemes

Available in the Pro Edition only.

Preset color schemes can be applied instantly to your interactive image, saving you time while still providing you the opportunity to customize and adjust the appearance as needed.

Displaying color scheme selection in the Pro edition.

Custom Layout Options

Available in the Pro Edition only.

With the Custom Layout Options provided, the interactive image can be displayed in a variety of ways, ranging from:

  • Left
  • Right
  • Bottom
  • Top
  • Lightbox
  • Tooltip

Our wonderful demos page showcases all the various layouts that are offered in Draw Attention.

Define Multiple Highlight Styles

Available in the Pro Edition only.

If having one highlight style doesn’t feel like enough, multiple highlight styles can be used to enhance the interactive image drastically.

Multiple highlight styles to show the difference between free vs pro.

Always Show Hotspots for Image

Available in the Pro Edition only.

Hotspots can remain highlighted so users can see where they are located, even when they haven’t been clicked yet.

Always show hotspots for image enabled.

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