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Adding an Image

Step 1: Create a new Draw Attention image

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Click Add New under Draw Attention on the left menu.

Step 2: Name your image

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Enter a name for your image.

Step 3: Upload your image

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There are 3 ways to upload your image:

  1. Drag and drop your image onto the image area
  2. Select Upload Image in the image area and select a file from your computer or device to upload.
  3. Click Media Library in the image area and from there you can:
    1. Select a file from for your previously uploaded media under the Media Library tab
    2. Upload a new file from your computer or device from the Upload Files tab.

Step 4: Save

Once you have added an image, click the Save Draft button or the Publish button. Once your new image is saved, you’ll be able to draw your image hotspots.

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